Our Wines 

Our goal is to produce great wine – pleasing to the palate and in appearance. We want to present wines which are unique to the area. We won’t serve something we wouldn’t drink ourselves!

Wine Tasting

Available 7 days a week!

Choose 6 wines for $11 per person includes souvenir wine glass!


All Day Rosé

This delicate rosé of Grenache has lively aromas of hibiscus and ripe summer berries. Touches of rhubarb, cranberry, and raspberry grace the palate with a refreshing acidic finish. This wine would make an excellent addition to any summer luncheon.



rose buble.jpg

Rosé Bublé

Nothing says celebration and New Year's Eve like sparkling wine! Our Sparkling Raspberry Rosé’ has fresh raspberry flavors by the bushel, with mouthwatering acidity, making it an excellent pairing to rich cheese and decadent chocolate desserts.  Treat yourself with this unique and refreshing sparkling wine. 




Hawk’s Nest ReD

Our chambourcin has bright crisp fruit flavors of cranberry and cherry with bits of cardamom and pink peppercorn on the finish.  This lively, acidic wine has excellent palate cleansing quality, making it an appropriate choice for wild game and beef dishes. 




Hawk Ridge Sangria

Nothing says festive quite like sangria! Our sangria is crafted using a fruit forward red wine, infused with fresh fruits and spices, giving it a diverse explosion of flavor on the palate. Excellent served right from the bottle or with the fruit additions of your choice, this sangria will be the highlight of any gathering or celebration.







This Pinot Noir is bursting with ripe berry flavors of blackberry, raspberry, and boysenberry. Lighter bodied with soft tannins, this wine pairs well with appetizers, cheese and meats, and is wonderful with succulent pork dishes.

A must have for any GOT fan.



red hawk reserve.jpg

Red Hawk Reserve

A lively and bright, fruit forward red wine, bursting with flavors of wild grape jelly, sweet raspberries, and plums on the finish. Its bright acidity is a superb palate cleanser for rich cream sauces, seared pork belly and burgers.

red tail.jpg

Red Tail

This Merlot greets with flavors of marionberries, red plums, and black cherries and follows with hints of leather and smoke on the finish. A fine wine, bold and rich enough for game meats, with silky tannins to be savored on their own or with charcuterie.

fallingfeather 3.jpg


Out of Stock returning in the fall!

Slip into fall with our traditional mulled wine.  Delicious served warm or cold, this wine features bold cranberry, cherry, and plum flavors with a hint of cinnamon and warm winter spices. Delightful on a cold night by the fire and with apple pie.





Trooper’s Red

A rich and bold Cabernet Sauvignon aged with American Oak has lively berry and fruit notes with a rich vanilla and butterscotch finish. This traditionally styled Cabernet is a superior accompaniment to beef, veal, and lamb dishes.


Soaring Hawk White Sangria

Fun and fruity, our White Sangria begins as a white wine and then burst with bold citrus and tropical fruit flavors. Luscious flavors of mango, ruby grapefruit, and mandarin orange create a bold and flavorful sangria to be enjoyed on its own or with your choice of fruits and soda added.

shake your tail feather.jpg

shake your tail feather

A beautiful expression of one of New England's most popular grapes, our off-dry Cayuga white bursts with fresh aromas of white flowers, Bosc pears, and apple blossoms. Light hints of citrus balance out lush flavors of tart apple and sweet pear on the palate. A lovely accompaniment to chicken and fish dishes as well as cheese plates.

sassy hawk.jpg

Sassy Hawk White

This lightly oaked, fruit forward wine has subtle flavors of Granny Smith apples, grapefruits, and lime zest with a pineapple flavor to the finish. An excellent pairing with any seafood or lemon inspired dishes.


Hawk's eye White

Our Pinot Grigio has a nice bright acidity, featuring flavors of lemon, lime and a soft touch of minerals to the finish. This crisp wine compliments any fish or chicken dish and is best consumer chilled. A perfect wine for casual sipping or a formal meal.



white hawk reserve

Our Riesling has aromas of orange blossom and sweet apricots which carry through to the palate with touches of toasted almonds on the finish. This off dry white wine is approachable for any drinker and pairs well with spicy Asian dishes.


Tail spin white

The rich golden wine is bursting with dynamic fruit flavors of honeydew melons, fresh honey, and mandarin oranges. Rich, full bodied, and full of lively fruit flavors, this wine has a touch of sweetness to balance out the bright acidity, showcasing its unique fruit flavors. Pairs well with mixed cheeses and poultry.


Sky High White

This dry and delicate wine has strong aromas of honeysuckle and roses, with notes of fresh honeydew melon and Meyer lemon. These aromas translate directly to the palate with sweet citrus, lychee, and florals. It pairs beautifully with Asian and spicy cuisine.



Summer’s Day Surprise

A lively and refreshing summertime sipper! This peach infused Cayuga has lively peach aromas and flavors that balance the natural citrus and tart apple flavors of the Cayuga grape. A wonderful summer quencher with any light picnic fare or fruit desserts.


pumpkin 3.jpg

Harvest hawk

Out of Stock -returning in the fall!

Nothing quite says the holidays like the magic of pumpkin spice!!! Our limited edition wine has aromas of sweet apricots and orange rounding out the tantalizing flavors of spice and pumpkin. Pairs well with cheddar cheese, fruit pies, and holiday meals.





What is better after dinner than wine and chocolate? Now you can enjoy both with our chocolate-infused port. Rich flavors of blackberry, cherry, and dense cocoa are a delicious finish to any meal. Excellent when paired with cheesecake with fresh fruit, cannolis, and of course, chocolate.